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We invite you to experience the finest oceanfront properties in Encinitas, CA. As your premier oceanfront real estate broker, Walter Schaffer has the expertise and creative resources to establish a deluxe home-buying and selling experience. From beautiful homes with stunning ocean views, to charming beachfront bungalows, our featured homes are impressive in design, beauty, comfort and location. Check Out Available Properties

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Beach Houses

There are a variety of oceanfront properties ranging in size from 1200 to 7000 ft.². Including triplex, duplex and single-family residences, these properties can range in price from $1.8 to $14M. Please see our FAQs for those factors which influence the price. Aerial Video Footage..

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Sandpiper Point

Sandpiper Point is a 33 unit oceanfront complex comprised of 2 & 3 bedroom units ranging in size from 1500 to 1900 ft.². The complex is security gated, has a pool and spa with common underground parking. This complex is extremely desirable as evidenced by the fact that some of the original owners still own the same unit they bought directly from the developer 38 years ago. The downstairs units are single level and the upstairs units are 2 stories. Prices range from $1.3M and up. Aerial Video Footage…

Beach Houses Encinitas

Cypress Cove

Cypress Cove is a 9 unit oceanfront complex with all units being directly on the ocean. Cypress Cove is unique in that the individual units are larger than average ranging in size from 1700 to 1800 ft.². The building is served by an elevator and each unit is 100% handicap accessible. Also, each unit processes 3 individual parking spaces in a common garage. Direct beach access is provided by public beach stairs immediately adjacent to this property. Aerial Video Footage…

Beach Houses Ocean Walter

Pacific Panorama

Pacific Panorama is a 19 unit oceanfront complex with the units being oriented diagonally to the Pacific Ocean so as to afford each unit some degree of ocean view. The units range in size from 700 to 1450 ft.². The complex is security gated, has a pool and spa with common parking areas. Prices range from $700,000 and up. Aerial Video Footage…

Beach Houses Ocean Walter

Encinitas Bluff

Encinitas Bluffs is a 13 unit oceanfront complex with 6 of the units being directly on the ocean and 7 of the units facing inland but also with varying degrees of ocean view. The complex is security gated with a pool and spa and has common underground parking. Prices for the oceanfront units range from $1.4M and up but non-oceanfront units can be had in the neighborhood of $900,000. Aerial Video Footage…

Encinitas, CA, is a charming, affluent city in North San Diego County. Each region of the city has its own unique flair.


This pristine beach town offers these special regional features:

  • Mild weather
  • Magnificent surf breaks
  • Environmentally protected beaches and lagoons
  • Lakes and reservoirs supporting a variety of native species
  • Mountains and rocky peaks
  • Beautiful Ornamental flowers


Recreation is prominent in Encinitas. The following gives a glimpse into the city’s thriving culture:

  • Distinguished Beach and surf culture
  • Art Galleries and festivals
  • Historic boathouses
  • Golf
  • Famous Moonlight Beach
  • Historic La Paloma Theater